Two New Hampshire girls hike the 500-mile Camino de Santiago to raise money for women around the world.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

It's Giving Tuesday!  We're walking 500 miles -- can you donate 500 cents?  We'll meet our fundraising goal within a few short weeks if everyone who visits this page contributes $5.00 to GirlVentures and/or Global Fund for Women.  Click here to donate.

Ticket, anyone?  Photo by Sage.

We've two and a half weeks before the raffle drawing.  I'm pleased to say that we've sold over 400 tickets thus far.  Since we still have seven more venues on our ticket-selling schedule, I'm optimistic about our chances of bringing in over a thousand dollars.  That money will go to GirlVentures, which will give that half of our fundraising campaign a nice bump; I'd love to begin our Camino with a significant portion of the fundraising already behind us.

By mid-December, we'll probably have raised at least $1100 for GirlVentures (amount from the raffle included) and more than $500 for Global Fund for Women.  I'll post the exact numbers for both organizations after the raffle is over (December 15).

 Remember -- 500 cents from every visitor would allow us to reach our goal ($5000 for each charity) long before we even set foot on the Camino.  If you've already donated, thank you!!  If you haven't, then please visit this page, choose a charity, and donate while you can still write it off on this year's tax return!  :)

Coming soon...base layers, bedbugs, and planes/trains/automobiles.