Two New Hampshire girls hike the 500-mile Camino de Santiago to raise money for women around the world.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

HikeGoo, "The Hiker Mama" Interview, and Climb-a-thon Pictures

We leave for the Camino in TEN DAYS! 

Pictures from last Saturday's fundraising climb-a-thon can now be found on my Facebook Page!

Jennifer Johnson of The Hiker Mama recently interviewed me and the girls about our upcoming Camino adventure.  You can read the interview here.


A few weeks ago, I had the good fortune of winning a raffle run by Philip Werner of The Section Hiker.  The prize was a tube of HikeGoo, a blister prevention cream made by Foot Kinetics.  Though neither Alex nor I have ever gotten a blister while hiking, I was glad to win this raffle because Sage sometimes has trouble with her feet.  There's a real possibility she'll get blisters as we hike day after day after day in Spain, so we were happy to give this product a try during our training hikes here at home.

One is supposed to spread the creme thickly onto the feet and between the toes.  The applicator is bumpy and a bit on the awkward side...I found it necessary to finish spreading the creme with my fingers.  That's only a minor drawback, however, since one can easily wipe the excess onto your ankle (or a towel).

After applying, one puts on a sock -- right over the Goo.

All three of us used HikeGoo during three of our training hikes (February 2013).  Each hike lasted between 5 and 8 miles long.  None of us received blisters.

The  creme itself felt comfortable on our feet -- we felt like we were wearing silky liners.  After our hikes, our feet looked soft and healthy (instead of the usual rough and stinky).  During our hikes, the HikeGoo worked itself into our skin and into the fiber of our socks, but there was no mess -- when we took off our socks, they smelt good, they were dry, and I didn't see any need to wash them.  If I can get away with not having to wash socks every day while walking the Camino, I will be a very happy camper indeed!  I almost like that benefit more than the promise of no blisters!

The nice guys at Foot Kinetics sent me extra tubes to take with us on our Camino.  After testing this product at home, I've decided to definitely use it in Spain.  HikeGoo should keep Sage's feet blister-free, and Alex and I will wear a thin layer every day just to keep our socks from smelly nasty.

I'll be back tomorrow,

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