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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Photo issue

It's been a while since I checked on this blog...imagine my unpleasant surprise when I discovered that there has recently been a snafu within Blogger and the images on this site have gone "poof."  Arg.  The problem is this -- I used BlogPress, an app which recently went belly-up, to post the photos to this specific blog.  When BlogPress died, all the photos died with it.  In the meantime, the iPad I used to take these photos is long I am left searching my back-up drives, author Facebook page, and old presentations to find copies of these photos.

EDIT -- AUGUST 11, 2016

I have found about half of my photos, and I now need to go through this blog, post by post, and reinsert what I can. 

EDIT -- AUGUST 12, 2016

I found ALL our photos, backed up in various places!  I found mine, Alex's, and Sage's...I am so happy!

Reinserting photos will take quite a while.  I began today, August 11, and I will redo one or two blog posts each day, starting from the end and working backward, until the blog is finished.  Therefore, by the end of September, all should be well.  There will actually be more photos when I am finished then there were to begin with.

EDIT -- OCTOBER 10, 2016

All the photos WILL be replaced -- but I need more time.  I have an entire week in November free, and I am devoting that week to putting all the photos back on the blog.  All should be well by Thanksgiving.  I have every picture, but it simply takes forever going through all the photos and putting them all where they life is super-busy so I can't give this the time it needs until that free week in November.

EDIT - NOVEMBER 27, 2016

I am making progress!  I ended up starting at the beginning of our trip.  I should be almost finished by the end of the year.  Each time I have a couple of days without the girls, I add a few more days' worth of photos.  Sorry it's taking so long...I am making slow and steady progress!

FINAL EDIT -- All photos should be back up and working.  If this is not the case, please email me at  Thanks for your patience!

Ultreia, peregrinas!

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