Two New Hampshire girls hike the 500-mile Camino de Santiago to raise money for women around the world.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Credencials, Health Insurance, Check-Ups, and Gear

Our credencials arrived!

Thanks, American Pilgrims on the Camino!

The girls and I (and Hugh, when he's with us) will show our "pilgrims' passports" at each albergue (hiker hostel) we visit along The Way.  The owners/volunteers at the albergues will stamp these passports with their own, unique markings.  

The back of an unfolded credencial --
there's lots of room for lots of stamps on both sides!

When we get to Santiago, we'll show our stamped credencials to the officials at the Pilgrims' Office -- then we'll receive our Compostelas (certificates of completion)!  

Health Insurance

I made a phone call this morning and learned our health insurance covers us overseas.  Phew!  (Some folks need to buy additional coverage for international travel).  


The girls recently had medical check-ups and were pronounced 100% healthy and rarin' to go.  No surprise there.  I'll have my own doctor appointment next month.


With the exception of Alex's hiking shorts and Alex's non-winter hiking boots, we now have everything we'll need for the Camino.  Some strange choices were made -- for example, Sage is bringing a pair of boys' swimming trunks (size 4T!) to use as her warm-weather hiking shorts...but they fit her just fine and they're not made of cotton, so why not.  I'll provide more details about our kit on the gear page of this blog during the next couple of days.  It feels good to have most of the decisions behind us.

More Training Hikes

The training hikes continue...though we've had to stay off the mountains lately because of insanely cold temperatures.  It's -15 degrees F outside my front door right now.  Tomorrow, we'll hike our usual eight-mile loop up and down the hills around our house in what might be -30 degree F windchills.  I imagine we'll look a bit strange in our balaclavas, facemasks, and goggles...a passerby might think we're taking the long way to Everest.  Still, we need the exercise and we'll be close to stores and houses the entire way, so all should be well.

I'll post the updated gear list (and more fundraising news!) before the weekend.  

Stay warm, everyone!

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