Two New Hampshire girls hike the 500-mile Camino de Santiago to raise money for women around the world.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Final Gear List (Unless Someone Grows)

Alex put on her backpack yesterday didn't fit.  Her child's backpack is suddenly too small.  Two weeks ago, it fit perfectly.  Now, it's tight and uncomfortable no matter how much I adjust all the straps.  The same thing happened with her base layers...two weeks ago, they fit just right.  Now they're too small.

I wish the kids would put a hold on their growing until we get back from the Camino!

I'm off to buy a new backpack and larger base layers for Alex.  When I return this afternoon, I'll list our final gear and clothing choices for the Camino.  We are going as light as we can for this -- both girls will carry just under 10% of their body weight.  I'll carry a little more, since I've decided to put the girls' clothes and extra shoes in my own pack.  Even with their extra items, my pack feels relatively light.  I'm used to carrying an obscene amount of weight up and down the mountains here in the Whites -- when I winter hike with the girls, I go overboard in packing because I'm always worried about the "just-in-case" scenarios.  In contrast, my Camino pack feels feather-light.

Final and updated gear list will be posted this afternoon or evening.  It WILL NOT CHANGE (I mean it this time!) unless one of the girls has another growth spurt before we leave.

EDIT -- The Final Gear List can now be found on our Camino Gear page.

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