Two New Hampshire girls hike the 500-mile Camino de Santiago to raise money for women around the world.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Over $10,000 Raised for Global Fund for Women and GirlVentures!


You folks are responsible for our success.  Yes, the girls and I did the hiking, but we would have done that anyway, with or without a noble cause to spur us onward.

One can't hike for charity unless people actually care about you, your trip, and/or the cause.  It's noble to put forth the effort, but if the endeavor is financially fruitless then nothing much has been accomplished.  Fundraisers depend on people actually giving funds.

That's where you came in.  In spades.  We are so, so grateful.  Thank you.  Can't say it enough.  Thank you.

We raised a total of $5009 for GirlVentures and we raised at least $5050 for Global Fund for Women.  (New Hampshire's Portsmouth Brewery will soon make a donation to Global Fund for Women; I will announce Global Fund for Women's grand total after that check has been received.)

I'd like to publicly thank the following people and organizations for their generous donations of money, time, space, and/or services.  Global Fund for Women and GirlVentures are wonderful nonprofits that champion equal and human rights for girls and women.  By donating, you supported females all over the world.  Again, with all our hearts, thank you.

Aubuchon Hardware Store (Moultonborough)
Jennifer Bauer
Jane Blanchard
Michael Boyle
Samantha Brady
Brooklyn Boulders
Mike Carrafiello
Stephanie Chan
Tim and Valerie Charboneau
Candace Cheatham
Sandy Dimick
Clay Dingman
Don Eidam
Robert and Janice Ellis
Joni Esser
Jessica Fuller
Sarah Garlick
Russell Gilbert
Caroline Griswold
Nancy Griswold
Tracy Haskell
Sandra Heaney
Henry Whipple House Bed and Breakfast
Ellen Hoffman
Pamela Ireland
Eunji Kim
Hyo Kim
Minna Kim
Richard and Susan Kipphut
Kristina Kirkham
Alejandra Krogh-Winkler
Lahouts (Lincoln)
Beth Lampron
Denise Langlois
Laure Latham
Marcy Light
Stephen Maguire
Karen Maineri
Marianne McCall
Erin McKittrick
Christian Meyer
Bridget Mooney
Mount Washington Observatory, The
Mountain Wanderer, The
Mark Newman
Leslie Nicola
Mark Nunan
Lance Pinn
Portsmouth Brewery, The
Melissa Quinn
Mike Robertson
Peter Rombult
Brian Rosenfeld
Michelle Roseto
Margaret Salt
Kelly Scott
Shaws Supermarket (Littleton)
Rick Sladewski
Steve and Carol Smith
Cynthia Spring
Sarah Stewart
Kerri Still
Styx Restaurant, The
Karine Thate
Emily Thompson
Martina Tibell
Elizabeth Trought
Mark and Natalie Truman
Mark Tuckerman
Neal Brian Uy
Gayleen Vanderkamp
Bethany Walker
Jeremy Ward
Don Whitworth
Mara Yale

And...the hundreds of people who bought raffle tickets last November and December!

This was our first time hiking for a cause -- but it will not be our last.

Coming even sooner (as in, tomorrow) -- Alex and Sage's Camino videos.


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