Two New Hampshire girls hike the 500-mile Camino de Santiago to raise money for women around the world.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day Five: Arre to Pamplona. March 17, 2013

Total distance: 4.6 kilometers with no or negligible elevation gain (2.86 miles).

Hugh leaves the Camino tomorrow from Pamplona (he'll rejoin us in a few days). The girls and I decided to take a short walking day today and play tourist in this ancient city so we can say goodbye to Hugh tomorrow morning.

Pictures from our walk from Arre into Pamplona...

In through the old gates of the city...

The girls and I were once again able to stay in Hugh's hotel room. We checked in, dropped our packs, and did a little sightseeing.


We're now in our room for the evening. All four of us just ate a giant meal at a local, traditional restaurant.

We ate far too much and I've no idea how we're going to haul our overstuffed bodies around tomorrow.

After bidding a temporary goodbye to Hugh, the girls and I will head toward Puenta La Reina in the morning.


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