Two New Hampshire girls hike the 500-mile Camino de Santiago to raise money for women around the world.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Day Six: Pamplona to Puenta La Reina. March 18, 2013

Total distance: 22 kilometers with about 320 meters of elevation gain (13.6 miles and a bit over 1000 feet of elevation gain).

After bidding Hugh a temporary goodbye this morning, the girls and I left the bustle of Pamplona, climbed Alto de Perdon, then walked country roads through rolling hills and green farmland to Puenta La Reina.

Leaving Pamplona...

Climbing Alto de Perdon...

Down the other side, to Puenta La Reina...

Puenta La Reina is a good-sized town. We're staying in the monastery hostel run by the Padres Reparadores (I'll post a picture of it tomorrow). It's under construction right now so there's no shower, no heat, and only one bathroom for all the people staying there. The girls and I got our things washed right away so all we have to do tonight is brush our teeth. The cost right now is only three Euros per person, they have blankets, and the rooms are bright and clean, so we don't mind the circumstances that much.

We ate at a nearby bar...

Tomorrow we head for Estella.

Misc. tidbits - our feet are still free of blisters (hooray for HikeGoo!), the girls are eating about five meals a day, there are a lot of pilgrims even though this is supposedly the off-season, and the weather today was perfect (sunny but cool).

Today's thank-you goes to the nice folks who have sent us private messages via Facebook - I appreciate the messages but I can't figure out how to respond via the Facebook app on my iPad. I'll respond to all messages in full when we return from the Camino.

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Unknown said...

Trish, Alex and Sage. I am having so much fun seeing your photos and reading all about your Camino experiences. Be well girls! (you too Hugh).

Jennifer said...

It's so neat to see the beautiful countryside. Thanks for taking the time to share your journey. Fingers crossed that the blisters stay away!

Momagain said...

Your and your girls (not to mention Hugh) are an inspiration for those of us who have yet to start or walk. I will be a month behind you so will keep following your journey for continued inspiration. Thank you! Buen Camino.

anneline said...

Trish, please give me an idea of what those 5 meals a day are. Leaving in may with 2 kids and worrying about meals/snacks!

Jochen Schmidtke said...

Hello Patricia.
I'm folowing your blog.
If you need any accomodation I recommed you to have a look at my camino home page:
There you will find an actuel list of pilgrims refuges, hostales and hotels.
The list is written in German but you will be able to decipher it!
Just try it.
Buen Camino
Jochen from Paderborn Germany
The winter has come back here with heavy snow!