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Friday, March 29, 2013

Day Seventeen...Burgos Rest Day...

My original post with the pictures from our Burgo rest day disappeared...I sometimes make mistakes when using the Blogger application for iPad...I'll repost the photos later, when I return to NH.  The original text (without photos) is on my Trail Journals page, which is copied, pasted, and, unfortunately, somewhat mangled, below.  I'll fix everything once I'm back in editing capabilities are limited with this iPad app.

Burgos - Click picture to see full size
Distance - about 100 meters (300-ish feet). Elevation gain...perhaps ten meters.Later during the evening of March 28...
Burgos is wonderful..and I do mean wonderful. The Cathedral is breathtaking. I wish I could have taken photos (not allowed) because nothing I write is going to do the interior justice. The stained glass, the stone carvings, the tombs, the gold sculptures, the service that was going on in the very middle (complete with choir boys, high priests, etc), the Latin inscriptions everywhere, etc. It's beautiful. The girls were enthralled with every detail.
The public albergue is well-equipped, but very open and therefore noise travels. There are many people staying here this evening. The upside to the large numbers, however, is that there will be many tired peregrinos to shush the few inconsiderate partiers. I hope. The girls and I could really use some serious sleep!
Even later during the evening of March 28...
The same peregrinos who seemed to be in the same room with us last night and who were incredibly loud booked into the same albergue we did and were placed right next to our bunks. I am sure they are all very nice people and I am glad they are enjoying their Camino, but the girls and I need some deep, uninterrupted sleep or we will never make it past the Meseta.
I found a wonderful hotel that gave me a two-night discount and free breakfast for the girls. We will stay here for two nights instead of staying in the albergue and leaving tomorrow...that gives my leg a needed rest day and it gives us some time to truly appreciate this wonderful city. It also gives that group of loud peregrinos time to get one day ahead of us on the Camino.
March 29, 2013
What a difference a good night's sleep makes! My leg pain is barely there this morning and all three of us feel rarin' to go. We'll take the rest day here regardless, though. I want to pick up a certain creme for my leg - a few good folks on my Facebook page recommended a certain item to help relieve the aching. Also, I would very much like to look around this beautiful city.
I love Burgos. Love it. So beautiful! The girls and I walked around this morning after having a scrumptious buffet breakfast at our hotel. We saw a lovely Californian couple at breakfast...Roger and Rella, we met them briefly in Logrono...they stayed two nights in "our" hotel and they recommended a visit to the Museum of Human Evolution here in Burgos. We wished them a Buen Camino as they left their breakfast table...I think they will be a day ahead of us for the rest of our journey, so I'm not sure we will see them again. They're a nice man and woman and we wish them well with the rest of their pilgrimage.
I am in love with Burgos. The artwork, the sculptured trees, the beautiful buildings, the friendly people..I'd happily live here for a year or two if I could.
We took Rella and Roger's advice and visited the Museum of Human Evolution. My standards are high when it comes to such museums...and this one was excellent.
We now sit in a cafe and wait for our pilgrim's menu. We'll spend the rest of the day resting in our room. I picked up a tube of Voltaren (thank you, Facebook friends!) and will apply it after we eat. Tomorrow, we will head toward Hornillos del Camino. Not sure we'll have Internet access or not. Will write if I'm able. We'll be in the relatively remote Meseta for a few days, so I've no idea when we'll have WiFi again.
Misc. comments - when we arrived in Burgos yesterday, every other person on the street wanted to tell us where the public albergue was. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. One elderly gentleman wanted to give us a tour of the entire city..we were tired so we politely declined. There is a huge respect for peregrinos here. The pilgrim seems to be held in high regard by every man, woman, and child.
Taberna Urbana, just a few doors up from the public albergue -- excellent food and wine, fantastic service, pilgrim's menu is 12 Euros (it's well worth the extra money).
Between the hotel, the museum, and food/drink, I have completely blown my budget here in Burgos. It was worth every Euro cent...but we will need to stay in public albergues and eat cheap croissants for the next week or so...
Today's thank you goes to all those who have left comments on my blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, and email inbox. I cannot respond to every message while we are on The Way, but we are reading everything and we greatly appreciate all the well-wishes, thoughtful statements, and advice. Muchas gracias, amigos, and Buen Camino to all those who are about to embark on their own pilgrimages.
Trish (Blackbird), Alex, and Sage Herr

Edits -- back in NH, so here are some photos from our rest day in Burgos, March 29.

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