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Friday, March 22, 2013

Logrono rest day

It's 6:45am, the girls and I are awake, and already this doesn't feel right. We are supposed to be getting ready to walk right now, but instead we are taking a rest day. The rest day will be useful, as I think it's a good idea to give our muscles and feet a break after nine straight days of walking, but we've fallen into a nice rhythm and not being on the Camino today will be a slightly unpleasant shock to our systems. Perhaps we won't take a rest day in the future - we could always do a short walking day instead of a total break.

Hugh sleeps...he won't really fall into his Camino rhythm until he rejoins us later in Leon. He's only with us now for a few short days before he'll need to leave the Camino again until early April.

I think we'll change our hotel today and stay in an albergue tonight before setting back out on the Camino tomorrow.

The girls and I have decided to leave Hugh a note and go buy our morning croissants. We'll bring him coffee and a pastry. Maybe he'll be awake when we get back.


We changed our minds and decided to stay one more night in the same hotel before continuing onward. The price is almost the same and it's easier than moving all our things.

We spent the day roaming about and eating. Hugh and I shared a bottle of wine, so I'm a little fuzzy on exactly what we saw after lunch.

We'll go to bed in a few hours, then tomorrow morning we'll get back on the Camino. Hugh will be with us until Sunday, then we won't see him again until April 5 or 6.

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