Two New Hampshire girls hike the 500-mile Camino de Santiago to raise money for women around the world.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day Twelve: Ventosa to Azofra. March 24, 2013

Distance: About 15.8 kilometers with perhaps 100 meters elevation gain (9.8 miles with around 350 or so feet elevation gain).

Happy birthday, Sage! We decorated her backpack with balloons before we left our room this morning.

The wonderful hospitaleros (am I spelling that right?) and a group of peregrinos sang Happy Birthday to Sage in Spanish and English when we went downstairs. Sage enjoyed and appreciated the attention, but she played her shy card and hid behind me and my backpack during most of the singing.

Reka, the friendly hospitalera (spelling?), gave Sage a Camino necklace as a present. That was very sweet and Sage appreciated the gift.

I know I spoke of this albergue yesterday, but I'd like to emphasize how much we enjoyed our stay at San Saturnino. The atmosphere was tranquil, everyone was super-friendly, and we were woken with music this morning. Two huge thumbs up.

Leaving Ventosa....

The door of San Saturnino

Heading toward Najera...

Approaching the "beehive," site of a mythical battle between Christian knights and Arab Moors...

<picture will be reinserted later>

Through Najera and toward Azofra...

We entered Alzofra, our home for the evening; we stopped here instead of continuing onward since the next open albergue is 8 miles away and Sage preferred a 10-mile walking day (instead of 18) for her birthday. She had an enjoyable walk today, though she buried her face in my backpack every time anyone wished her a happy birthday (she can be incredibly shy).

The girls are playing in the patio of our albergue while Hugh readies himself for his next business trip. He will leave the Camino once again this evening. We'll see him again somewhere around Leon in early April.

Love tonight's albergue, by the way. It's the municipal albergue in Azofra. The beds are arranged in cubicles of two so peregrinos are guaranteed some privacy. There is a large patio with a fountain and there are kitchen/laundry facilities. Only seven Euros per bed. There's also a foot massage Euro per session...we may have to give that a try.

Today's thanks goes to The Styx Restaurant in Campton, NH. The owners allowed us to hold our charity raffle there last December (we raised over a thousand dollars for GirlVentures with that raffle)! Many thanks, guys! that raffle was a large part of our overall fundraising campaign for GirlVentures and Global Fund for Women.

I'll have updated totals on our fundraising campaign sometime next week, by the way. I think we've reached our goal for Global Fund for Women ($5000) and I think we are close to our goal ($5000) for GirlVentures. If you would like to donate to one or both of these worthy, female-empowering, nonprofit organizations, then please click on one of the tabs at the top of this page (thanks!).


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Marcy said...

I've have been enjoying reading about your adventure and seeing all of the photos. Happy birthday to Sage. What an incredible experience for your girls! said...

you are tough cookies!
When you get to little Moratinos, out on the Meseta, you are invited to stay at The Peaceable Kingdom... if you like dogs and cats. It has been a long winter here, and we would love to have a visit from NH people.. and kids! We never see those!


Unknown said...

Feliz cumpleaƱos to your little girl, Sage. Her backpack with the balloons was a great idea and i bet she enjoyed it. It looks like the weather is staying nice for you guys and with a bit of luck you won't see rain until Galicia. What a treat. =) By the way, you have the right spelling, hospitalera or hospitalero is correct. One other thought I've had; have you met up with some of the peregrinos from the beginning of the camino or has everyone scattered due to folks taking different days off? Thx. JN

Cejanus said...

Happy birthday Sage. What wonderful memories you will have of your special day.
Loved the balloons and the photographs.
God bless all of you.
Buen Camino

Anonymous said...

hospitalera and hospitalero is spelled just right.
Good luck and Ultreia on your way, girls!

You Rock!

Buen Camino!